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Investment and modernization our manufacturing location in Neusaess by Augsburg

2018 and 2019

The highlight of 2018 and 2019 was the development and manufacturing from 5.000 Mobile Workplaces for the TUEVs and other testing companies.


Start of the partnership with Dell as Dell OEM partner. That was a really important step for the growing in the nex years. The benefit for our cusomters is the expert know-how of BORMANN and the custom-made IT hardware of Dell.


Start of the partnership with Fujitsu. The highlight at the turn of the millennium was the development of the first Car PC for the Bavarian police. Until today we deliver products with Fujitsu. E.g. the BORMANN Ultra Secure Client with palm vein scanner.


In the growing IT market we equip the complete German Telekom service technicians with 7.000 suitcase systems and Compaq notebooks. In the next years we sell more than 1.000 of these systems.


Foundation of the sector BORMANN mobile systems with own development / Production / Sales


Foundation of the computer sales department


Foundation of the company with selling IT accessories