Product information

Application control secured for years

The BORMANN CB020 is usable for a variety of industrial applications due to flexible module integration. The processor’s power is scalable from low-power Intel Atom to the high-end Intel processor i7. Future processor platforms can be used. During a long useful life of 5 to 10 years, you can upgrade the CB020 with a new processor board - investment protection! Your processes remain efficient and unchanged in handling.

Flexible design of the interfaces

By using a variety of interfaces (up to 10 USB, 4 x RS232, Ethernet port 14) external systems can be easily linked or addressed.

Perfect communication

For mobile communication 3G / 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth modules can be installed and the appropriate antennas can be connected stably. In addition, an access point can be integrated in the system.

Easy vehicle use

In an automotive mount the CB020 can be installed in a few simple steps. For servicing, the CB020 is easy to change as well. There is no unnecessary downtime of the vehicle due to long service work.

USV integrated

The easy replaceable battery and the battery management designed for mobile PCs ensure stable operation of up to 30 minutes without external power supply. A voltage drop (e. g. vehicle start) is bridged effortlessly from the battery.

Product highlights

  • Powerful and robust industrial PC in stainless steel housing
  • Modularer Aufbau für unterschiedliche Anwendungen
  • Two Ethernet switches 5- or 8-fold and Access Point integratable
  • Mobile communication via 3G / 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • USV integrated
  • Fastly and easily installed in the vehicle