BORMANN Follow-Me Printing Ultra-Secure-Box

Product information

The BORMANN-Ultra-Secure-Box is a highly flexible and multi-functional terminal, which can be easily integrated into an existing IT infrastructure.
The smart security architecture meets the highest security standards and is suitable for the protection of the most complicated IT-infrastructures – without limitation in performance, comfort or usability.

Control the personal access to hardware or software components by the clear identification of the user with the BORMANN Ultra-Secure-Box. Three versions or combinations are available – depending on the required safety level.

Identification/Authentication by means of:
  • Hand vein biometric identification (BE) and/or
  • Personal code (KNOW) and/or
  • Smartcard or RFID-badge (HAVE)
With “BE” the person must be on site personally. With “KNOW” the person must know a code and enter it. With “HAVE” the person must own a smartcard or badge.

Among other things the BORMANN Ultra-Secure solutions are available for these fields:
  • Revision-proof Follow-Me Printing
  • Access control to secure buildings/rooms
  • Person identification or process validation
  • Time recording and time management

Product highlights

  • Safe
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Multi-functional