Product information

Ultra Secure Client – USC-010

By using the USC-010 you can achieve maximum IT security. The USC-010 was developed in cooperation with the BWO AG (leader in the field of integrated vein scanning solutions) in Switzerland and BORMANN as an experienced system integrator and designer of the Ultra Secure Client in Germany. The integrated, high-quality industry processors and the vein scanner PalmSecure of Fujitsu top off the product in its performance perfectly.

Top Level Security is created by:
  • Efficient industry processors and highly secure vein scanners of Fujitsu
  • High Security Software and use experience of BWO in Switzerland
  • Excellent design and technical system integration of BORMANN

There is no need to remember passwords or manage them through internal administration anymore. Just place your hand vein at the PalmSecure and the system recognizes you as a legitimate or unauthorized user.
The integrated smart card reader offers the additional option to realize a two-factor authentication by using the integrated palm vein scanner.

Product highlights

  • High security system with integrated palm vein scanner and smart card readerSafe
  • Integrated Tamper protection against unintentional hardware manipulation
  • Flexibility in power rating Dual or QuadCore industry processors
  • Modern and ergonomic product design
  • Investment security due to the use of long-term available industrial modules
  • Expense in the IT administration is significantly reduced and simplified
  • Thin Client or high value Client