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The security market places extremely high requirements on solutions from BORMANN. In the last 20 years, our team has developed high-security systems time and again for the military and the police. On one hand, emphasis can be placed on IT security and, on the other, especially on workplace security as well as proper ergonomic handling of the systems by deployed staff. Tell us about your requirements. We promise unmatched confidentiality and solution quality.
BORMANN supports security in Germany and Europe

In addition to technical solutions, the occupational safety of employees is a priority for us on the safety market.

One example of this is the BORMANN car PC, which has been successfully implemented in Germany and Europe since 1999. The one-of-a-kind mobile Car PC invented by BORMANN can be operated safely (crash-safe) by the passenger on their lap while on the road. The BORMANN car PC is crash tested and certified by multiple car manufacturers during the last 20 years.  For 20 years, the BORMANN car PC has optimised the search for criminals and offered the highest level of occupational safety for deployed staff. Since 2017, BORMANN has also upgraded standard PCs with the necessary safety fixture such as a safety belt or rugged housing carriers. Safety personnel can also be equipped with a complete mobile deployment system based on Dell Tablet PCs among other things.
  • Secure use in the office
  • Mobile use by patrol officers
  • Mobile search for criminals in a patrolcar
  • Passport and Fast ID control 
  • The mobile office in the mobile station or the mobile control room
  • The highest level of cost-efficiency thanks to versatility can be used 24x7 and long service life
  • A basic system for all dispatches
Highly secure access systems

Since 2015, BORMANN has also produced highly secure access systems based on the palm-vein scanner system from Fujitsu. Available solutions range from front door access to a highly secure military thin client. The use of palm veins as a highly secure key offers you clear advantages when it comes to managing access systems and getting everyday work done fast. With corresponding software from our software partners, these solutions are plug-and-play ready.

  • Extremely fast and simple daily operation
  • No storage of the palm-vein image - the palm-vein becomes a "data hash"
  • High security system
  • Easy administration – can be used with all access systems
  • No need for passwords, chip cards, keys
Your requirement your solution

In addition to standard security systems, we are also committed to meeting your requirements particularly on the safety market and implementing them in economically attractive solutions. Come see us and see how BORMANN 's solutions excels when it comes to security and safety for deployed staff.

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