Product development
Optimise your processes

There are many reasons why we all need to constantly optimise: To avoid becoming dependent, stay in the game, stay competitive, get ahead, continue to lead the market or become a market leader.

Optimisation on the basis of digitisation is widespread within IT. At least in this case, there is talk of intelligent software, automation and artificial intelligence. There is another lever: BORMANN promises the same potential for optimisation with tailored IT hardware!

If we develop a product for you, then only if it significantly improves your processes, gives you a competitive advantage or even a unique selling point. Opportunities are generally not readily apparent, but how often have you been annoyed by a rechargeable that loses its charge too quickly? Our development department realises "suitable battery concepts". Do you have industrial devices with older interfaces and can't find them any more on modern IT end devices? We have the solution. Are existing products no longer preferred by all your employees and colleagues equally? We offer added value for all departments: from the end user to IT, purchasing up to and including management.

We develop the right product for your application

Since 1992, BORMANN has specialised in developing IT hardware. At the same time, we rely on the wide range of expertise of our experienced employees. We develop both mechanics and electronics in-house. As a result, we can design individual modules and complete IT systems for your needs. In the process, we rely on an intelligent combination of existing standard technical modules (e.g. industry PC boards, displays, keyboards, printers, cameras …) and necessary components or housing, which have to be specially developed for the solution. The intelligent combination, the new form factor or the use of innovative materials makes the difference. When we start projects, we do so in a highly creative manner and are always one idea ahead.                                             

Start your project with a user workshop. All parties involved are invited to it and the target process is initially developed entirely independent of possible IT hardware. Functions are developed instead of hardware properties. An example of such a function: "Photos in dark basement rooms" instead of "Camera is required" or "Forwarding of data" instead of "Wireless module". As a result, participants in the workshop start to think outside of the deadlocked limits of hardware, which leads to new inventions and products.

Additional service

Once the right product has been found, BORMANN is your partner for downstream processes. We help you when it comes to

  • creating an image
  • preparing for the rollout
  • logistics processes
  • when service is needed
  • with support requests
  • And whenever a solution has to be found
We can do this because though we have to comply with processes in development and manufacturing as an IT hardware manufacturer, we are able, as a medium-sized business, to respond in an extremely flexible manner thanks to our flat structures.

We develop and manufacture everything from small plug-in modules up to and including large appliances

BORMANN always develops and manufactures IT hardware individually for customer projects. The focus is on mobile solutions such as tablet PCs as the requirements are in most cases more diverse and greater than in stationary applications. But also with respect to permanently installed solutions e.g. wall terminals or kiosk systems, we have also generated added value for our customers. Quantities vary from a few dozen up to the tens of thousands.

We already have a long list of products, which we have realised: from tablet PCs, adapted laptop and desktop PCs, industrial PCs, PCs for use in vehicles, industrial control units, stationary and mobile gateways in the IOT area, kiosk columns, cash register systems, case systems with and without a printer, access control systems, biometrics solutions, ergonomic adaptations up to and including individual circuit board solutions and docking stations. None of these products existed on the market before and they all optimised our customers' processes.