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Retail business

Retail business

We are committed to offering outstanding design and efficiency for industrial systems in the retail sector. For decades, the efficiency of the machines used at retail outlets has been paramount. E.g. kiosk or cash systems appeal with their robustness, long service life and ease of use. Our experience in designing human-machine interfaces and the use of proven technologies (printing, scanning..) serve as a basis in system design. As of 2012, we have taken this one step further. We have started focusing on the customer experience.
Efficiency, design and profitability

In the retail sector, we have set the bar very high. Major challenges facing suppliers are cost pressure one hand and the fight for customers on the other. In many cases, existing structures make it difficult to implement new topics. That's why at BORMANN, we rely on intensive workshops with our customers when it comes to realising potential. We are currently evaluating feasibility and profitability. Established processes in particular are examined in depth. It is always surprising how many processes take on a life of their own at companies. Even managers are often surprised by the solutions or workarounds that arise. In many cases, theory and practice are often far removed from one another. BORMANN assists you with relevant questions or questions processes. 

The advantage for you lies in our expertise when it comes to scrutinising processes and rapidly evaluating them in terms of their feasibility. That is, we are familiar with the required technology and know how to expand or redevelop it for your processes.

In many cases, requirements are not addressed as the decision has been made based on past experience that "this isn't  possible". This is exactly where BORMANN's experience from over 30 years of large projects and product design comes into play. However, the most important thing is that we offer "one step ahead". The result is large savings or process improvements in your work environment.  

Human, machines and design

For our retail projects, we have been implementing design projects to an increasing degree, they primarily serve to make purchasing an experience for customers. We take care of your customer CI or new form factors. BORMANN accommodates your wishes. We are happy to present design studies we performed in the areas of cash-register and kiosk systems. The biometrics system (palm-vein scanner), which we have made a priority, can be perfectly integrated with respect to design and handling. Simple and secure login at the cash register or kiosk system. Security functions such as a silent alarm can be integrated. Customer cards could also be forgone without replacement with a palm-vein scanner system.

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