In-house manufacturing
BORMANN is equipped with up to 14 ESD assembly stations. We have been assembling high-quality BORMANN products developed since 1993. You can also use BORMANN manufacturing as an extended workbench for your products. Just let us know if you run into any bottlenecks.

Our final inspection is capable of testing all manufactured parts on the basis of random sampling or a full inspection.

Agility and flexibility

Our series production is perfectly designed to handle quantities from 100 units up to and including large series batches from 5,000 to 20,000 units. From the initial idea to pilot deliveries up to series deliveries, you can oversee the implementation of the products in production.

For us, the rapid transfer of expertise with our agile team is the basis for an effective partnership. For you, this results in high process reliability and fast time-to-market opportunities.

Made in Germany

We perform all value-creating steps from work preparation to production up to and including the shipping of the goods at our location in Neusaess. As a result, your product is 100% Made in Germany.

Manufacturing / details - We perform the following tasks at our series production facilities:

  • Assembly of terminal devices and components
  • Bonding of components
  • Duplication of data storage devices
  • Loading of firmware on terminal devices