Product information

Mobile search and mobile police office

The BORMANN FT03 is designed to be robust and flexible police operation. The huge 13.3-inch multitouch display (indoor and outdoor) is ideally suited for the investigation, passport control, but also for the inclusion of situations in daily use.

Police work well supported

The latest 4G / LTE wireless technology of the FT03 assures the fast transfer of large amounts of data (eg video). The handling is optimized for day and night use. The battery replacement is very easy. By using a dual battery system, the battery can be changed during operation. With the integrated Smart Card Reader Single Sign On concepts can be implemented.

Fast passport control

By using the unique BORMANN click ports you can dock the RFID and MRZ Readers, which are necessary for the e-passport control. Well-tried the MRZ reader reads the machine-readable passports from 2 or 3 lines very quickly and with high quality.

Working safely while driving

The BORMANN belt technology, which is proven since 2001 is also tested for the FT03 by BMW Crash and released for use for the passenger in the car while driving.

Product highlights

  • Fast, safe and efficient work in everyday police
  • Large 13.3-inch TFT display for indoor and outdoor use
  • Two battery compartments ensure shift operation
  • Click module concept ensures future use variants