Product information

Rugged Tablet for each service application

The BORMANN FT03 is a dust and splash-proof rugged tablet PC system. The very large 13,3 "multitouch display (indoor and outdoor) has been developed for mobile order processing and data acquisition.

Motivation by comfort

Simple control keys and a responsive multitouch make working an experience. You can assign program calls individually the hardware buttons and the display brightness is automatically adjusted to ambient light. With the dual-battery system (hot swap replacement), you can extend the mileage on battery power indefinitely.

LTE - large amounts of data possible

The latest 4G / LTE wireless technology of the FT03 assures the fast transfer of huge amounts of data in short time. New work processes (e.g. video transmission ...) are getting economical.

Highest flexibility

In addition to the integrated USB 3.0 and Ethernet interfaces, you can expand the FT03 on the BORMANN clicking ports for additional functions. Clickports as GPS, camera or RFID / barcode reader can be realized.

Working while driving

As a passenger, you can use the FT03 while driving with the optional seatbelt. Thus, driving times in the motor vehicle can be optimally utilized.

Product highlights

  • Powerful Tablet for professional
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Comfortable working with your finger on the 13.3 "display
  • Double battery system for flexible working hours or 24/7 operation
  • USB Klickmodule für Funktionserweiterungen