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When it comes to designing industrial systems, cost-efficiency is paramount. BORMANN is there with you at the drawing board when it's time to develop industrial PC´s. Our expertise ranges from the design of control PCs, PC-based measuring devices up to and including mobile industry PCs in production, in vehicles and in the technical field service. The symbiosis from the use of standard technology and BORMANN IT technology is unmatched. Our expertise ensures that our industrial PCs offer a high level of cost-efficiency.
Increase in efficiency

After an extensive product workshop, take the opportunity to design your industry PC for your use. In recent years, we have continually realised potential savings in industrial processes with our customers. The following points are at the core of the analyses and the resulting products:

  • The solution supports and optimises your use
  • The solution offers the highest level of flexibility and future security
  • The solution is available long-term for 6-10 years
Application field

An example is the control PC CB020 developed by BORMANN.

It appeals with a multitude of configurations and a construction that remains unchanged long-term thanks to non-variable parts with long-term availability. We resolve this intrinsic contradiction by using long-lasting industrial components and a product that has a highly modular design.

The type of interfaces and their number can be selected in a flexible manner. Communication modules such as WLAN, BT, GPS or LTE (in the future also 5 G) can also be selected as well as different performance classes of processor boards, RAM and harddrives. Furthermore, two 8 port Ethernet switches and an access point module can also be integrated. This PC can also bridge power failures lasting up to 1 hour or e.g. also be operated in a vehicle fault-free. This control PC is integrated in toll control vehicles. Installation including all functions takes only a few minutes. The control PC is an all-in-one PC and is mounted in a bracket with all functions.

Our MCU unit also originated from a customer workshop. The MCU is a control unit for mobile heaters, which was developed on the basis of industrial components. This PC appeals with its no-frills design. Send and receive control data. The requirement was implemented on the basis of a risk processor.

Let our experience help you significantly improve your industrial processes long-term. Our highly economical systems are a symbiosis of existing industrial modules and BORMANN 's "one step ahead" approach.

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