• Electricity transmission, gas supply and water supply distribution network operator. The company is a subsidiary of E.ON. Learn more about innogy
  • The technical field staff was equipped with robust Windows tablet-PCs including a vehicle solution
  • "Through the holistic view, the company BORMANN always kept an eye on the customer's perspective. Their know-how and innovative use of their own products have helped enormously creating the right and future-oriented hardware solutions for innogy metering.”  Mensur Dedic, IT- coordination and system management


  • Dell Technologies Design Solutions offers customized infrastructure and services, making it the No. 1 global OEM provider. Learn more about Dell
  • Together, Dell and BORMANN offer solutions for major customers worldwide, e.g. development of a workshop docking station for mobile rugged Dell PC
  • "BORMANN realizes customer solutions for our products and thus real added value for customers" Uwe Wiest, Director DACH - Design Solutions EMEA


  • Wingfield has set itself the goal “The connected tennis court”. For this purpose, a Wingfield Box is mounted on the net post. Cameras record the game action and the integrated PC evaluates the match with the help of artificial intelligence. Learn more about Wingfield
  • BORMANN Scope: Development and production of the Wingfield Box for use on tennis courts. Several solutions were created in a joint creativity workshop. Wingfield finally chose the desired design based on several suggestions by BORMANN. Result: An extremely easy to install Wingfield Box for every tennis court
  • "Having 30 years of engineering experience on board, from one day to the next, was extremely valuable, especially for a young company like us. Thanks to the partnership with BORMANN, we were able to concentrate internally on the development of our products & services towards the customer and at the same time develop scalable hardware with BORMANN.” Jaan Brunken, Managing Director