OEM adaptation
OEM adaptation

As a partner of renowned IT hardware manufacturers, we adapt existing IT products to your requirements. This includes ergonomic adaptations and OEM accessories e.g. handles, straps, housing, docking solutions, case systems or car mounts. Electronic hardware adaptations are also possible e.g. integration of additional interfaces, integration of barcode scanners, RFID readers or printers. The goal is to substantially increase the efficiency of IT products with OEM adaptations, thereby boosting profitability.

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Don't reinvent the wheel

In many cases, different or contradictory requirements result when it comes to defining IT hardware. One area requires an optimal solution for the process while another would prefer to use off-the-shelf hardware. BORMANN combines these requirements, which offers a benefit for both areas. Once a base product (e.g. 80% of the solution) has been selected, it is refined on the basis of OEM adaptation. The result is the perfect solution for your application.

Benefit from expertise and direct contact to an IT hardware manufacturer on location

To achieve this result, we carefully document your process requirements for the IT hardware product. We advise you and explain various possibilities for implementation. For this, we rely on our extensive IT project experience and our expertise as a IT hardware manufacturer. Your main advantages are short distances and straightforward communication with BORMANN right here in Germany. Ideas are implemented quickly while potential is realised. Contacts to OEM manufacturers in Asia, Europe and North America, which have been established over the years, as well as fast communication with our partners guarantee success in the project.

If you already have your sights set on a product from a certain manufacturer, let us know. In general, we are capable of performing all manufacturer adaptations after the initial meeting.

OEM adaptations and services - We perform the following tasks in our series production:

  • Ergonomic adaptations: Handles, straps, protective casing etc.
  • OEM accessories: Docking stations, car mounts, case systems, kiosk systems, etc.
  • Electronic integration of interfaces: USB, RS232, RJ45, RS485, etc.
  • Electronic integration of modules: Barcode scanner, printer, RFID reader, etc.
  • Services: Workshops, product design, CI adaptations, studies, image preparation, loading of the image, logistics processes