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High demands are placed on IT, particularly in the energy sector. We are committed to implementing stable, time-optimised processes for your business. This is paramount when it comes to designing the right hardware.

The solutions we have implemented include mobile IT hardware terminal devices for field service technicians as well as mobile or stationary industrial controls for systems and devices. Our portfolio also includes highly secure access solutions with palm-vein biometrics for the energy sector. If you have further requirements in terms of IT hardware solutions, just ask us.
Mobile rugged tablet PCs for the technical field service

One of the target groups in the energy market are technical field service teams, who maintain, inspect and repair systems and networks. Right from the start, BORMANN offers assistance in the form of consulting as well as defining the requirements for the prospective IT hardware product. A rugged outdoor tablet PC is an example of a solution in this area. BORMANN can also design the full range of peripherals. Starting from the integration of additional interfaces, e.g. RS232, RJ45, to ergonomic adjustments, protective sleeves and vehicle mounts. Implementations with integrated barcode scanners or RFID readers are particularly exciting.

Monitoring and control of your systems
Regardless of the size of your systems, we can develop industrial control units that meet your requirements. For mobile heating systems, for example, BORMANN developed a control unit, which enables automated functional heating and automatically notifies the user in the event of error.

Depending on the requirement, we take care of designing the hardware and the corresponding software.

Protect your control centres with palm-vein biometrics

Palm-vein biometrics is based on the fact that each person has unique hand veins. As a result, it is considered to be highly secure, not to mention very convenient. Palm veins are located on the inside of the hand and therefore cannot be easily copied. The system also offers contactless operation granting access in less than 1 second. The technology on which this is based comes from our partner Fujitsu and has been certified by BSI as Palm Secure Technology.

As an IT hardware manufacturer, we can integrate the hand vein scanner in any IT hardware products such as doors in order to secure access to important rooms, but also in desktop PCs, laptops or thin clients. Together with software partners such as BWO, we can design a suitable solution tailored to your individual needs.

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