Product information

The tablet for your clinic

The BORMANN MCA 002 (Mobile Clinical Assistant) is a mobile and robust information and communication device designed specifically for the healthcare sector. The system is simple to disinfect and protect your sensitive data against even spilled water (IP54).

Outstanding ergonomics

The outstanding ergonomics of BORMANN MCA 002 offers ambidextrous optimal operating ability of the system. The special joint-gentle and very large handle makes it easy to work in the ward. The shutter buttons and the two readers (barcode and RFID) are arranged ergonomically and allow a safe and quick scan. For the wound documentation auto-focus camera is available in the handle.

Easy to use

The 10.4-inch display for pen and finger operation and intuitive operation via freely programmable application buttons simplify your daily work. The hot-swappable battery assures continuous and shift operation, because the main battery can be easily replaced during operation.

Always well connected - safe!

With the built-in radio modules (Bluetooth, WLAN, UMTS) you can access your patient data and documenting online locally. All data are immediately available in the system for further treatment steps. The security of the data is protected by means of chip card and SIM from unauthorized access.

Product highlights

  • Electronic patient records anywhere
  • Perfect to use in your arms - bend in the handle
  • Secured logistics in hospital
  • Disinfectable