In the partnership with Brother we have developed a wide range of products. Especially the innovative and reliable mobile printers and scanners are ideal companions for BORMANN solutions.

BWO Systems AG

The BWO Systems AG is a leader in the field of integrated vein scanning solutions. Together with BWO we develop high security products for private, business and public customers.


Since 2015 we have been Dell OEM partner. Dell complements our portfolio with their wide range of products. The agility of BORMANN and the technological leadership of Dell are the perfect combination for your projects.


Since the year 2001 we work successfully together with Fujitsu in the field of secure and industrial hardware. Already in 1998 one of our first own IT products was based on Fujitsu hardware. Due to innovative solutions from Fujitsu we can deliver you perfect IT hardware in the future.


Our IT products are mostly based on Intel processor technology. For this reason we work closely together with Intel during development.


Most of the applications for our customers are based on a Microsoft operating system. We work closely together with Microsoft in order to deliver you a balanced product.