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Health care sector

Health care sector

BORMANN develops and manufactures IT systems for the health care sector. We accommodate your wishes and advise you on how to design your IT workplace. We focus on mobile solutions e.g. a medical tablet PC that can be disinfected. We use our experience to implement stationary solutions such as wall terminals or kiosk systems.

BORMANN develops complete IT systems or individual modules. Alternatively, technical updates are performed on standard PCs in order to use these systems in health care. Our solutions can be subsequently complemented with ultra-secure palm-vein sensors. Due to their high level of security and contactless operation, these solutions make perfect access systems in medical environments or in laboratories. Fast – secure – contactless. Ask us!
Mobile tablet PCs for physicians, clinic personnel, nurses and ambulances

All mobile employees form a target group on the health care market. We develop solutions for them that embody a complete mobile office while also focusing on ergonomic design and the ability to be disinfected. This includes, among other things, integration of modules such as DIN A4 printers up to and including 2 smart card readers for the heath card, a barcode reader, a RFID reader and more. BORMANN also offers the possibility of accessory solutions such as mobile docking stations for emergency vehicles.

Basic documentation

Solutions from BORMANN simplify your documentation obligations e.g. in nursing. The BORMANN TS01 is a wall terminal that can be disinfected and features visual protection, impact protection and vandalism protection. Developed especially for nursing homes, it can be used in the entire health care sector for the purpose of documentation.

The integrated RFID reader permits effortless logging on and off of it is possible on and off of the PC.

Get ready for the future: palm-vein biometrics in medicine

Palm-vein biometrics is based on the fact that each person has unique veins in their hand. As a result, it is considered to be highly secure, not to mention very convenient. Palm veins are located on the inside of the hand and therefore cannot be easily copied. The system also offers contactless operation granting access in less than 1 second. The technology on which this is based comes from our partner Fujitsu and has been certified by BSI as Palm Secure Technology.

As an IT hardware manufacturer, we can integrate the palm-vein scanner in any IT hardware products. Contactless access is particularly exciting in the medical field as is the fact that the system always works with certain types of gloves. Could this technology simplify your everyday work?

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