BORMANN The mobile office

Product information

High efficiency

While processing your orders or data and surfing the internet, the integrated Tablet Venue 11 Pro Dell supports you very well. The large 10.8-inch monitor and the modern radio technology guarantee extraordinary work efficiency. You can enter data on the touch screen by finger or touch pen.

Big benefits with a sheet of paper

Use a sheet of paper to pass valuable information to your customers personally. Reports, protocols, legally prescribed consultation protocols or advertisement are immediately at the customer. Later passed information lead to process uncertainties, e.g. order loss, lack of information or complaints. A sheet of paper will help your customers and ensures your processes. Use a sheet of paper and support your service activity in hard reachable places. The service document printed, is always handy.

Design & handling perfect

Impressively in Design the BORMANN  PrinTab V11Pro supports your mobile use case. The figure of your Apps on the high-resolution 10,8-inch-FHD-display is brilliant. The operation of the printer will be child’s play for you. Even curled or slightly creased paper is processed safely by the printer. You can rely on the PrinTab in every situation. The PrinTab is maintenance-free and doesn’t need ink.

No need for a mobile charger

It is assured that you can use the BORMANN  PrinTab V11Pro on battery power for at least one working day.


The smart PrinTab can be transported safely in any position. You have the free choice in transport systems. The All-in-One system can easy be stowed.

Product highlights

  • The complete and light office – only 1.6 kg
  • Easy data entry on the multitouch monitor
  • Perfect display on the big 10.8-inch-monitor
  • Easy and reliable DIN A4/A5/A6 print
  • Communication via 3G/4G, WLAN, Bluetooth
  • Easy to use